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Professor Ranjit Tamuli assumed the charge of the Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University on July 18, 2018. Before joining as the Vice Chancellor of Dibrugarh University, Professor Ranjit Tamuli served as the Controller of Examinations and Registrar in-charge of Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh.

I am eminently happy to learn that the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Dibrugarh University is launching a website for the benefit of the learners who are enrolled under the distance learning programs of the University. The overwhelming revolution in digital technology has enabled the Universities to promote instant interactive and collaborative learning process for effective learning outcome. The web based technology has essentially altered the concept of higher education by promoting barrier free expansion of access to lifelong learning. I am confident that the students community shall greatly benefit from this noble endeavour.
I extend my best wishes to the members of the Directorate of Distance Education for this timely initiative in their mission of sharing and creating knowledge through digitized technology and contributing to the growth of not only our society and nation but humanity at large.